• xamtha

    The most ancient planet in the multiverse is dying.

  • zira

    A Dark Force is slowly consuming Xamtha, once home to a highly advanced and thriving civilization of women leaders and noble warriors. Mysterious in its origin, ruthless in its destruction, even the elite Xamthan Glovebearers headed by Commander ZIRA are powerless against it.

  • her

    Out of the chaos emerges a reluctant hero, Zira’s younger sister, HER, an untested warrior-in-training.

  • glovebearers

    But a reluctant hero is still a hero. When Zira is blamed for a mission gone wrong and flees Xamtha, HER follows and unexpectedly ends up on an entirely new planet…Earth, where she finds YOU.

  • Her needs your help to find her sister, but be prepared to uncover the hidden truth behind the dark force that unless defeated, will forever affect both Xamtha and Earth. Join now to experience HERadventure.



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ayoAyoka Chenzira (Ayo) is a filmmaker and interactive digital media artist and who is a recognized pioneer in African- American independent cinema. She is a graduate of New York University (B.F.A. Film), Columbia University Teachers College (M.A. in Education) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Ph.D. Digital Media).

Ayo is the first African American female animator and her animated film, ZAJOTA AND THE BOOGIE SPIRIT, was created in part using the first Apple computer. She has written, directed and produced numerous films that span fiction, documentary, and experimental narratives including the commercially released ALMA’S RAINBOW (developed at Sundance Institute), one of the first 35mm films written, produced and directed by an African American woman and noted on Billboard Magazine’s top forty home video sales list. Her work has been featured in numerous international festivals and many are in permanent collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Ayo has garnered many awards for her body of work including the Sony Innovator Award for her early work with converging film, video and computer animation, and the Apple Computer Distinguished Educator Award for her work with storytelling and digital technology. She has been celebrated as one of the most important African-American independent filmmakers. In November 2012, Ayoka was invited to be a TEDx Peachtree presenter in Atlanta, Georgia. Most recently, Ayoka was selected as a POW! Honoree by Womenetics for her outstanding work in business leadership, industry achievement and personal impact. Follow Ayoka on twitter @ayomentary and her website,

hajHaJ is an Emmy-nominated film, video and interactive media producer who is the creator and founder of Urban Chameleon Media, which creates unique and impactful niche media content for broad audiences. HaJ has developed her craft through working at Sony Pictures as part of the development team, which produced the feature films, Jarhead, Stuart Little, Bewitched and the Academy Award nominated Memoirs of a Geisha. She was a part of the literary management team at Brillstein Grey Partners that represent clients including Anthony Zuiker (creator of CSI), Bill Maher, Courteney Cox and Brad Pitt.

In 2007, HaJ founded Tickles.TV ( an online entertainment production company that creates and showcases, comedic, social commentary about the ironic perspectives of people of color described as Urban Chameleons. Since its founding, HaJ’s Tickles.TV video and blog content has been distributed to over twenty million users. Her work has been show cased at the Pan African Film Festival, Women in Film and Television, Bronze Lens, WOCAF, BWFN, National Black Programming Consortium and the Alliance Theater. HaJ’s interactive stage-show, FUNNEL CAKE FLOWER & THE URBAN CHAMELEONS, will make its debut at the Atlanta Fringe Festival June 6-9th 2013. Critics have lauded HaJ for her innovative approach to New Media. HaJ has been interviewed by Harlem Talk Radio, BlazinAZ TV, NPR, Huffington Post and the New York Times about her work in spotlighting the Urban Chameleon community. HaJ has a B.F.A. from Carnegie Mellon University. Follow HaJ on twitter @ticklestv and @urbanchameleons


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